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Recent years have witnessed radical changes in the field of education. Educationists and academicians are trying to evolve a system which removes the stress factor from the system and makes teaching learning process pleasure. The changes in education system are shaping a new reality in the fabric of teachers, educators and aced Emirians. The very environment in which knowledge exists has been transformed as students are no longer mere recipients of knowledge that is taught to then. Now, teachers and students are co creators of knowledge. Teachers can no longer impose their perspectives, attitude and instructions on them. Learning is based on the interaction strategies between teachers and learners. Living in this age which is dominated by technology it would be wrong to say that Smart Classes are not necessary. Smart classes enable students to get easy access to study material and widen their mental horizon. However, smart hard to cope with the changing trends and stimulate interest among the students. We must aspire to provide its students with wings so that they can fly beyond the horizon and achieve great heights. Education has gained a multi dimensional role where only prepared minds with versatility can make their mark in life. The role of parents in the present scenario has changed radically. They can no longer be the passive consumers. They need to be sensitized about the academic as well as the behavioral performance of their wards so that they can contribute towards their holistic development. Parents must get an opportunity to witness the brilliance, talent and potential of their wards. It is important for them to see and acknowledge their children’s performance on stage and participation in activities. The present system of CCE requires that the potential of each individual entrusted to us be tapped and given full exposure. Activities should be organized on such a scale that every student becomes a part of them. Education remains incomplete if it does not inculcate sensitivity in the student about the various evils and problems plaguing our society. Students should be encouraged to think and render the services they are capable of for the betterment of the society. We seek your valuable views and suggestions.

Why Nirmal vidya Education

  • Best faculty with years of experience in Engineering / Medical domain duly trained as per the new JEE & NEET pattern.
  • Excellent & Comprehensive Study Material concise as per the specific revised JEE & NEET exam pattern.
  • Rigorous testing and assessment system with detailed performance analysis as per the JEE & NEET paper pattern.
  • Small batch size with lowest student’s teacher ratio.
  • Individual attention to all students separately in our doubt solving sessions in the library.
  • The only institute to provide lectures DVDs on all topics by the best professors in Medical.
  • Special sessions on effective time management & stress management.
  • Topic wise tests after completion of each topic followed by revision lectures.
  • Hostel facility available for out station students.
  • Opportunity to compete with top rankers who are currently studying with us and are from the most reputed schools of Gurgaon like, Chiranjive Bharti School Gurgaon, KV Sector-14, NSG Campus Manesar, Gurgaon.
  • Completely Student Centric approach with regular feedback system.

We are Expert in Commerce and Science

In India, both Commerce and Science are studied widely. However, the scale of science is sometimes higher than that of commerce especially since students wanting to pursue engineering and medicine after Class 12 so we provide expert knowledge in the Field Of Science and Commerce which benefits the student.

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